Draenei Female Exodar Haliscan

Introducing The Nooblet to World of Warcraft Addons

I think that the person that tells you that World of Warcraft sucks has not played WoW with any AddOns, I mean there are World of Warcraft AddOns for virtually everything that Blizzard’s plugin API allows. AddOns have got to be the best thing I know about World of Warcraft, even more so than the game itself. I can customize and simplify every single aspect of the game as long as there’s an AddOn for it. When I try another MMO, I often feel stuck and asking myself questions like the famous: “You know what I wish the devs would do?” or “Why did they design it like this, couldn’t they just…? Ugh!”. Half the time, I miss the AddOns more than I miss the game, and find myself resubscribing to World of Warcraft just so I can play with my AddOns again.

Draenei Female Exodar Haliscan
Yay for AddOns! Yes, I know this picture has nothing to do with AddOns but they make me happy.

Take the Auction House in WoW as an example: By itself it’s easy to get around, you don’t need a fancy shmancy AddOn to sell stuff it’s really just functional and well put together. But with the right AddOn, you’ll be making tons of gold in no time, because it calculates the value, market and presents you with the optimal price to get your goods sold, all completely painless and calculator free. They can help you buy in bulk and make sure that you get your goods both bought and sold at the best prices. In other games, like Star Wars: The Old Republic, I’m stuck with a maximum of 50 simultaneous auctions and there’s no way to calculate any value of any item unless you are so in the loop that you basically hang out at the Galactic Trade Network all the time, which nobody really does. AddOns may sound complicated, but they really make World of Warcraft easier to use. Take my hand, we’re off to addon-addon-land! That was a Metallica reference, for those of you who missed that.

The Video Game Binge

I have been slacking as of late with the posts, probably since I’ve felt like going on a complete game binge now that I can. I would like to highlight a World of Warcraft addon every once in a while when I find one that’s just simply awesome. Give it a Noob Network stamp of approval of sorts. I don’t really know if that’s supposed to be a good thing or not, but I mean it in the utmost dignified awesome way. I haven’t given up on my goal yet, I am still going to learn LUA coding somehow and make my own World of Warcraft AddOn. Just you wait!

I have a few must-haves for the person who’s only now getting into WoW and all its AddOns, but more on those in my next post! Yay for me, I didn’t bore you!

Dwarf Fortress Lineout by izak1399

Something Amazing Happened in Dwarf Fortress

Dwarf Fortress Lineout by izak1399
Dwarf Fortress Lineout by izak1399

So there I was, in charge of planning and plotting out this hole in the ground into a fully fledged Dwarven society, when suddenly a wild Cave Crocodile appeared. While all the other Dwarves in my fortress dropped what they were doing and slowly backed away from the vicious beast, one 5 year old Dwarven girl charged towards the beast and gave the saw-toothed reptile a vicious beating.

Where were the parents?

Some adults gathered around and stood frozen in amazement not able to comprehend what was going on, just looking at the 5 year old as she was punching the beast without mercy, without remorse.

The child continued her savage beating, swinging both her hands landing several punches of the poor reptilian. Ultimately, the cave crocodile grabbed the small Dwarven child by the head and shook the living crap out of her. It was only when the ferocious savage beating of little kid fists stopped that the adults braved come close to the ferocious reptilian. It took five adult Dwarves to kill the Crocodile, only after the adolescent dwarf ‘softened it up’ for them. I had my Mason Dwarf go ahead and commission a statue in Rocky’s honor, as well as engrave one of our finest slabs with her epic, albeit short story. The cave crocodile ended up decorating an artifact later on, menacing with spikes of cave crocodile bone.

Go ahead, name any other game this could happen in?

I flipping love Dwarf Fortress. I foresee this post probably getting some weird-ass traffic from search engines haha.

Priest in World of Warcraft

Resurrection: making my way back to gaming, one day at a time

This post has been hanging around my drafts for quite a while now, it’s a post about my involuntary leave from my life as a gamer and what I have been through trying to get back. I hope it’s not too whiny and too much of a sob story. There’s going to be some changes around here, I’m turning The Noob Network back into the PC gaming blog it once was, but even better! Continue reading

Nexus 2: The Gods Awaken concept art

There was a Nexus: The Jupiter Incident 2 planned?

Capital ship concept art from Nexus 2: The Gods Awaken

What could have been possibly the biggest space/sci-fi real-time strategy game of the year simply did not happen because we didn’t know about it. Most of us Nexus: The Jupiter Incident fans learned only recently that a sequel to one of our favorite games failed to get funded on Kickstarter. Continue reading

How to Fix a Slow WiFi Connection on CyanogenMod 11

Slow WiFi on CyanogenMod? See if this helps!

I have struggled with a slow WiFi on CyanogenMod ever since CyanogenMod started releasing their KitKat versions. My WiFi would work fine with other devices, just not the ones running CyanogenMod. I Googled and could not find a practical answer anywhere. This has been going on for the past six months.

Sometimes it was so bad I had to switch off the WiFi just to run it on my LTE connection. That’s not the way it should be when you have 5G WiFi connectivity at home on a 100/100 MBit/s line.

Turning it off and on again?

To begin with, this is always the first thing an IT technician will do. Most problems are fixed by simply restarting your device, whether it be a phone, tablet or computer. It’s like blowing “the dust” off on a NES cartridge, or flipping the USB cable, only to flip it back again and magically it fits.

So I turned off my fiber optic converter, turned off my router, turned off my cell phone and cold-cycled them all. Restarted them back up in the same sequence and I still had the same problem.

Crowded WiFi channels?

I live in an apartment building with about 20 other households nearby, all my neighbors WiFi networks were on a fairly good distribution over the channels. In layman’s terms I was not on a crowded WiFi channel. I still had the same problem.

Checked my router’s settings, they all look pretty optimized to me, there’s no reason the router should just freeze my connection now and then? I’m running the latest firmware for my router, etc. I still had a slow WiFi connection on CyanogenMod and only on CyanogenMod.

Some dude over at the XDA Developers or Android Central forums said that his phone was lagging and freezing up when his GPS settings were set to anything but Precise, that might be true in their case but not mine. My phone was still having hiccups…

Today I felt like spelunking!

Screenshot of CyanogenMod WiFi settings
This is where my menu is located, it might be different on your phone.

I guess my age is starting to show, but I pretty much gave up trying to fix this. I must’ve subconsciously guessed that if I were to have CyanogenMod installed, I would have to just live with a crappy WiFi connection. Maybe something’s wrong with my phone? My wife’s stock HTC One M7 is fine after all. I guess I must’ve messed something up when I rooted it.

While I was checking on my WiFi connection with Fing Network Tools (great free app by the way!) I went into my phone’s WiFi settings. The same WiFi settings that come with CyanogenMod, Accessible via the settings screen. Fing Network tools just had a shortcut to them in their app, you don’t need to download Fing Network tools to get these options.

In the menu, I saw the inconspicuous three vertical dots menu, staring me in the face. I tapped the menu and it pretty much gave me the same standard features. You know:

  • Scan.
  • WPS Pin Entry.
  • WiFi Direct.
  • Advanced.

Figuring that “Advanced” was all about a bunch of mumbo-jumbo addresses and nothing I needed to tweak, I had dismissed it in the past, but little did I know I was in for an IT Nerd’s treat. When I tapped on into the Advanced WiFi settings, I found a plethora of features that I could only wish for! I mean check these features out!

  • Network notification.
    Notify me when an open network is available. Set to on for default.
  • Keep WiFi on during sleep.
    Set to Always as default.
  • Scanning always available.
    Let Google’s Location Service and other apps scan for networks, even when WiFi is off. I believe this one is on by default too.
  • Avoid poor connections.
    Don’t use a WiFi network unless it has a good internet connection. This was off on my phone, I switched that sucker on because there’s nothing more annoying than having your phone switch to a worse network than the faster one.
  • WiFi Frequency Band.
    I believe this is Auto by default, I would let that be Auto.
  • WiFi region code.
    Specify the region code for WiFi. I set this to Europe, because I’ve configured my router to be using European standards.
  • Install Certificates.
    Not really sure what this does, Google it.
  • WiFi optimization.
    Minimize battery usage when WiFi is on. This was checked, and I believe this is the culprit to my WiFi nightmare.

After I changed the settings marked in bold, I went to Reddit and gave the phone a go at loading image posts. Wow, the phone was back to it’s spry bandwidth happy self. Nothing is giving me any trouble anymore.

I can’t really tell you what the changes in battery life will be, before my phone’s (an HTC m7) standby time was about 1½ day about 36 hours. I literally just discovered this so I might update the post later in the future and report back what kind of an impact I get on my battery life.

Check your settings!

If you have a slow WiFi connection on your Android Phone, maybe you should see if you have these similar settings? Of course, your phone’s WiFi will never be better or faster than the WiFi it’s connected to. These settings will not speed up your WiFi, but they might speed up your phone’s connection to the WiFi.

Let me know in the comments if this helped you in any way and maybe share it with a friend or something?

Thanks for reading!