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Turn your Gmail spring cleaning into a game

In my earlier post about Google Mail, I let you know how to mark all your emails in your Gmail mailbox as read, this time it’s spring, because I’ve decided that it is, and I’m calling it. At least it’s spring in the Northern Hemisphere, spring means spring cleaning right?...

How to fix Minecraft Lag 1

Minecraft Running Slow? Try Our Top 5 Fixes!

Minecraft is a game that is still one of the most popular in the world. Despite this, many users who play the game don’t really have computers that are up to running the game. Although it may look retro in nature, under the hood it can be a strain on...

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Ingress – Cyber Warfare in Your Neighborhood

I’ve been playing this augmented reality game called Ingress lately. Ingress is a game where there are two warring factions. Each faction needs to capture portals and the portals are found near real life historical buildings, statues, monuments, fountains and other noteworthy places that you might stumble across in your...

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3 Indie Games on Kickstarter I can’t wait to play

We the gamers find ourselves in this wonderful point of time where the fate of new games does not lie in the size of the development team, the graphics, or voice acting. Instead, the deciding factor now seems to lie in whether it’s how much we enjoy playing the game....

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Why Women are Important in Video Games

As today is International Women’s Day 2014, I would like to dedicate this post to female gamers all over the world. It’s very nice to see that every year we, the gaming community, receive more and more female gamers. You balance games not only playing, writing quests and designing armor and clothing but coding, running big blockbuster gaming companies and more! You are the important part of the puzzle that make games more human, because only when we are female and male, we are human.

Star Wars: Battlecry Pre-Alpha Footage 2

Star Wars: Battlecry Pre-Alpha Footage

Star Wars: BattleCry, an independent first person shooter (FPS) set in the Star Wars Saga now in development using CryEngine 3 as ‘The Spiritual Successor to the Star Wars BattleFront series’. Using this updated game engine (compared to Battlefront and Battlefront II) the game’s toolset gets the opportunity of adding all new game modes—never really seen before—in a Star Wars Battlefront game, with seamless ground-to-space combat as an example.

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Hola! Unlock a better Internet – Literally

Hey, would you like better internet? You know, that thing that every internet service provider (ISP) promises, but only a few ISPs can deliver on? With the news of Comcast and Time Warner Cable joining forces, you might need it more than ever and answer that question with a definite...

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The Original Dungeon Keeper is Free!

…for a limited time, so act fast! The ultimately awesome super good guys over at Good Old Games ( who restore classic games to run on our super future systems have restored the first Dungeon Keeper (Dungeon Keeper 1) by Bullfrog Productions and are giving it away for free for...

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46 vital hints, tips and tricks for playing DayZ

I hope to play DayZ as soon as I am able to get my hands on a computer that will run it, I’ve written a list (because everyone loves lists) of 33 46 useful tips I’ve found across the web and from watching people like Frankie play DayZ on YouTube:...

Zombies Ate My Friends 0

Zombies Ate My Friends, Oh Crap!

So, being without a computer means you need to improvise, when you improvise, you can’t be too picky. When you’re not too picky, you play freemium games filled with micro transactions. Some of them are still fun, until they force you to stop playing them, because they want to torture you...

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How to mark all emails as read in Gmail

Let’s say you have several thousands of emails in Google Mail and don’t feel like going from page to page and selecting them all. Heh, well slugger, I’ve been there! But there’s a super easy way to do this, with a very not-so-obvious way of fixing this! Just follow these...