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Month: October 2016

Easy Ways To Win Madden Mobile Game

Posted on October 31, 2016  in Android/IOS

Game lovers keep on searching for some easy ways to win Madden Mobile game but without much success. It is mainly due to lack of information which forces players to spend a huge amount of money in order to attain few Madden Mobile game coins. Well, the time has arrived to make a move on and look for some other ways of winning which don’t demand the application of in-app purchase.  Here we would like to mention out them the importance of applying some quality game guides. In recent times, gaming tools are in huge demand and widely used by the players. When you have the right tool at your disposal the problem of lack of resources is completely resolved. Yes in order to get the right tool, you must execute a bit of searching and try best to read out unbiased reviews. It is nice to prefer online generators as they are pretty safe to use. With these online generators, you are asked to follow few simple instructions and fill out the details to get coins. Just apart from the tools, there are some tips which will improve your chances of winning. With these tips, you need to invest a huge amount of time and effort. First of all, you need to understand the core concepts of the game.

In this particular game, players need to focus a lot on saving coins. With so many elite players available, players do have high temptations to spend coins and make the wrong decision. You need to wait for your turn and invest coins wisely. In order to with, just complete the achievements and get some more coins. With enough coins in your gaming account, you can take part in auctions and also get some valuable player cards.

The second important technique is to dispose of your unneeded player wisely. You must try to complete a set with unneeded players and try to get some nice rewards. These unneeded players are good enough to fill out the sets and can easily be sold at much higher prices. Earlier in the article, we have mentioned about the use of some madden mobile tricks. With the tool, most of your concerns regarding less number of coins are eradicated.

Last but not the least, taking part in live events is always beneficial. Just remember these live events will keep on changing and they will only pop up on certain days. On the other hand, season games will always be there if nothing else is going. You have limited stamina; you can use it in live events and win some very exciting prizes. Overall the entire gameplay of Madden Mobile is just awesome. When you have this particular game in your mobile you don’t need any other one for sure. Just stick to the basics and have patience when you have fewer coins in your account. The option of in-app purchase is always available and should be applied when you are in desperate need of a good player.


Month: October 2016

Immaculate Planning Of Your Moves Can Help You Play Simcity Buildit Effectively

Posted on October 31, 2016  in Android/IOS


Simcity Buildit is probably one of the best virtual games of all times, and as you can now play it in your mobile as well, you can enjoy even more as you can play it anytime anywhere. However, to play it effectively you must follow certain strategies which will help you build the city and also grow along with it. You can buy the in-app items for your benefits as well. The prime objective of the game is that you have to manufacture materials which will be needed for building stores, residential buildings, and other services. All of these takes the time to build, and perseverance is what you will need most.

However, you can speed up the action by using your Simcash which is essential for the advancement in the game. There are many ways to generate soft currency and Simcash, and you can also use the simcity buildit cheats for time to time for your beneficial purpose. The first thing you must do is to figure out a very good layout for your city. Your aim will be to accommodate as many people you can into the residential buildings and keep them happy at all times. Remember that happy population will pay taxes which will be your primary source of income.

The most effective way is to build a block in 2×2 formations and a single row to fit in the service buildings and parks. Then you can repeat this block throughout the city. You may have other formations and plans too, but this is the easiest one and takes less time to build the city. You will need fewer police stations and fire service buildings to cover up the whole city. If you build more buildings, you will need more Simoleons which add up very fast. So, lesser the service buildings you have, it is better. You must also keep the factories running while you play Simcity Buildit. This will enable you to have all the goods required to upgrade the residential buildings.

simcity buildit

Remember to upgrade your city storage from time to time and expand whenever possible when you play Simcity Buildit. If your storage gets full with your produce, then sell some of them in the Trade Depot to get some extra cash and also manage your storing capacity. To do that you will have to upgrade your store from time to time as well. It will enable you to store more items which can again be sold to generate extra cash.

To upgrade your store, you will need special items which you can collect by popping up the randomly appearing speech bubbles, or you can also buy them from the Global Trade Headquarters. The same process can be used to expand your available land space too to build new buildings if required. Spend enough time to collect the special items for the expansion of your store and land. Just remember not to sell off these special items that you collect because they turn out to be very useful in the future. If you follow such a strategy, then you can effectively play Simcity Buildit game.


Month: October 2016

Select The Members Of NBA Live Mobile According To The Mode Of The Game

Posted on October 31, 2016  in Android/IOS

nba live mobile tips

When you have finished winning a series of your cricket game recently, you may think which one to play next. Without any further hesitation, the NBA Live Mobile can increase your enthusiasm even more than the cricket series. The well-developed app makes you a GM yourself and also makes you knock the court against a 5-on-5 action upon the opponent. Build the game with proper hits, strikes, and defence in the court to move into your next level.

Select appropriate skill

You need to develop your dream team for the different matches like head to head, leagues, season and live events. These are all modes of different plays. Make sure to build a strong team.

  • As all the players are divided according to their skills, make sure to get players on various skills. According to the players, the strategy of your play will be built.
  • There are a different set of players for different games. Do not place anybody in any competition. Know the specialization of the player and drop him in that match.
  • Ensure that the players you have set for the upcoming event can fulfil the challenges that come up. If you are playing a league, be confident to put players who can handle any situation of a league.

Be versatile with your match

Be a versatile player always. Do not stick to stick to one mode of playing. Try to use various nba live mobile cheats,  You may prefer a live event but try playing other styles as well.

  • In nba live mobile, playing different ways will make you understand which player of yours is active in which way; this will help you to win in the long run.
  • On playing different styles, you can cross levels earlier as that will prove your dynamic endeavour. Other modes may also have lucrative offers which you will be missing if you do not try all methods.
  • During auctions, if you are aware of the skills of different players you can change your players with other teams. This will only increase your strength.

Claim your rewards

Knowing your rewards well and claiming them is necessary when you are a devoted player. The accumulation of cash will help you make credits in different instances.

  • Claim the rewards during an auction. This will be a good utilization of your rewards other than spending money. There are many cases when sale needs kind and no cash.
  • Rise higher levels to gain more rewards. Play with a target and you will surely reach your desired level. The more matches you win, the more able team you become.
  • Play with stronger teams. This will help you gain more cash if you win. If you win the game with more solid teams, apart from your level being increased, you will also be able to choose your court.

Use Quick Play option

Always try and use the Quick Play option if possible. This will ensure a faster rate of progress of your team. The advantage of this option is that you will be able to know which mode of the game you are playing. You can arrange your players according to the mode. Being passionate about a victory can surely make you finish the series fast.