Minecraft Running Slow? Try Our Top 5 Fixes!

Minecraft is a game that is still one of the most popular in the world. Despite this, many users who play the game don’t really have computers that are up to running the game. Although it may look retro in nature, under the hood it can be a strain on even some of the best computers. Therefore, in this guide I’m going to run down 5 ways to quickly give your Minecraft a performance boost!

Allocate Minecraft More RAM

Because Minecraft runs using Java it is automatically limited to only using 1GB of your computer’s memory, regardless of how much you actually have fitted in your computer! In the past the process of allocating more RAM to Minecraft was a pain, but thanks to the work of the developers it has recently become much easier.

When you first open the Minecraft launcher there will be an option in the bottom left hand corner to “Edit Profile…”. When this menu is open you can change the value in the ‘JVM Arguments’ box to allocate more RAM to Minecraft. As easy as that!

Minecraft Profile Editor Increase Ram

Install 64-bit Java

As you may already know, if you try to turn the Render Distance up to ‘Far’, Minecraft will warn you to install 64-bit Java. This version of Java is a newer, sleeker version designed to make full use of the power of 64-bit Operating Systems.

If you believe that you have a 64-bit OS on your computer and you haven’t already got the newest version of Java installed then you’re wasting some of your computer’s power. Once you’ve install Java and got everything set up you should notice a boost to the FPS and overall performance of your game. For more information on how use 64-bit Java click here.

Close Everything!

On a less technical note, running other programs in the background can significantly reduce the speed at which Minecraft can run. Programs such as iTunes, Media Player or even a web browser can take up valuable processing power that your computer could otherwise use to make Minecraft run faster.

Closing programs and opening up your Task Manager to see what is taking up the most resources is an excellent place to get started when trying to speed up Minecraft.

Turn Down the Video Settings

It may not be particularly glamorous, but playing Minecraft on lower video settings is better than not being able to play it at all!

The key settings that you will want turn down are Render Distance, Smooth Lighting, and Graphics. These are the factors which contribute the most to the load Minecraft will have upon your computer, the other settings such as Clouds and Particles can also be played around with to make your computer go that little bit faster.

Minecraft Lowest Video Settings

Shown: Every video setting in Minecraft on it’s lowest.

There is also one other setting that can sometimes do miracles for the speed of your Minecraft client…

Turn on Advanced OpenGL

This is one of the most simple fixes here, but it also has the potential to be the most effective. Turning on ‘Advanced OpenGL’ in the afore-mentioned Video Settings menu is an excellent way to give your computer a performance boost in some instances.

Advanced OpenGL is a setting which is particularly effective in cases where a computer has a better processor than it does a graphics card. This can take some trial and effort to decide so play with the setting until you decide which makes Minecraft run smoother.

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