Star Wars: Battlecry Pre-Alpha Footage

Say what you want but there’s something magic with Star Wars Games, at least in my circle of friends, they either hit hard and are memorized in the gaming hall of fame—think X-Wing vs Tie Fighter, Star Wars Galaxies, or Republic Commando—or they are something that failed hard and should be buried in the Jundland Sea of Tatooine, like Star Wars Force Commander and X-Wing Alliance. These video games were all released under LucasArt’s close watch on quality control and whether they would be worthy of being a title to have Star Wars in the name, this arguably helped the games released and whether they were a golden hit or steaming … crap.

While Dice might be cooking up a new Star Wars Battlefront set for release in 2015, there’s a group of independent developers cooking up their own sequel to Battlefront II:

Star Wars BattleCry LogoToday I came across Star Wars: BattleCry, an independent first person shooter set in the Star Wars Saga now in development. This footage below, from what I can tell of the garage-like opening in the mountain side and the huge Ion Cannon is Hoth, features a walking AT-ST and Speeder Bike in motion and a short and sweet demonstration of some pre-alpha, yet impressive physics.

A Non-profit Game Title

Star Wars: BattleCry is surviving on donations solely, both for development and their hosting. The developers are not looking to make any profits from this game, not during development or after development. Once BattleCry is released the game will be completely free. So if you are the type of person looking to commit a random act of kindness to someone, and think that it’s time for another Star Wars Game that with your contribution will be made available entirely free, why not support them and help polish this title up?

We are not making any profit off of any donations received. All money that is donated will go towards buying servers for the game and website.

Other Ways to Contribute to Star Wars: BattleCry

If you’d like to give to their project in other ways than financially, please take a look over at their Join the Team section. Currently at the time of this post, they are looking for the following:

  • Programmer (C++, Lua, ActionScript):
    C++ is the main game language, Lua is used for many of the entities and game rules. Flash is used for the GUI functionality.
  • Environment Artist (General environments, terrains):
    You need to be able to implement your own assets, that means being able to use the CRYENGINE exporter for one of the currently supported 3D packages (officially: Max, Maya; community: Blender, Softimage). Furthermore, being able to create terrains using sculpting software and tools like WorldMachine is a big plus.
  • Character Artist / 3D Artist (Weapons, Vehicles):
    You don’t need to be able to rig/skin your own characters/weapons/vehicles, it is a plus though. You will still need to create and adjust materials in CE etc.
  • Sound Designer:
    FMOD is the sound system we use, so experience with that is a plus, but not necessary as it’s easy to learn.
  • Animator:
    Includes creating skeletons and rigs. You need to be able to export animations and rigs, skin characters.
  • VFX Artist:
    You need to be able to create your own textures for the effects.

Star Wars: BattleCry Features

As I wrote earlier Star Wars BattleCry will be a free game and is being developed in CryEngine 3 as ‘The Spiritual Successor to the Star Wars BattleFront series’. They are—in their own words—doing what has failed to be done for eight years, that is developing a game with a true ‘Battlefront Experience’. Eight years, has it really been that long since Battlefront II? Wow, apparently…!
BattleCry is being developed with an updated game engine that has the possibility of adding all new game modes never seen before in a Star Wars Battlefront game with seamless ground to space combat as an example. Anyone who knows their star wars, knows that Star Wars is 50% space, and 50% ground combat. Coming to think of it I don’t think there’s been a game where you can actually pull off  making a smooth transition seamlessly from ground to space or the other way around. I think the only game I played that had this was Frontier: First Encounters by Gametek.

If this all sounds interesting to you, please don’t hesitate to visit to show your support to them and to see more of BattleCry and get the latest updates straight from the source.

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  1. Arturis says:

    I would suggest against getting your hopes up over a fan made Star Wars game. Disney will crush it under its yellow cartoon heel

  1. June 10, 2014

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