Star Wars The Old Republic 1.2 update trailer!

I just found this trailer via twitter, it was uploaded today by Stopcastnews by Machinima by Bioware. It’s a low resolution video unfortunately but it’s better than nothing. I will update with a better video as soon as I can find one!

I am loving that legacy tree!

List of Features

For those at work or for those who just want a rundown of the features I noticed in the trailer:

  • Legacy Tree
    Really detailed from the looks of it, drag a portrait around to set the relationship (maybe?) a la Sims style? I could make out words like “Global Unlocks” and “Character Perks” on the left side of the Legacy Tree and stats like level, location etc. to the bottom right of the tree under a character preview window.
  • Legacy Abilities
    Yes, that was a sith warrior with a FLAME THROWER in the trailer! A smuggler with FORCE CHOKE
  • Legacy Unlocks
    Mailbox in your ship, anyone?
  • Legacy Species Unlocks
    Looked like there was a Sith Pureblood Jedi Knight and a Chiss smuggler in the video!
  • New Warzone
    Novare Coast
  • A new Flashpoint
    The Lost Island
  • Advanced Options
    Finally UI Customization! Although it doesn’t look like Addon support, it will allow us to move elements around on the screen and resize them.
  • Improved Character Textures
    Hi-res textures!? D:
  • Appearance Customization
    Looks like they made something like they had in Lord of the Rings Online, an extra slot for “cosmetic” items!
  • Mission Tracker Usables
    From the looks of it, mission items will now be accessible on the quest tracker, so we don’t have to dig through our bags in order to find that quest item!
  • New operation
    Explosive Conflict
  • Guild Banks
  • New Vehicles
  • New Crafting Schematics
  • Extractable Tier 2 Mods
  • New Lightsaber Colors
  • Ship Droids Gain Affection
    What? Does this mean C2N2 will not speak to me if I give him a cold shoulder? Oh please let it happen!
  • Craftable Augments
  • Legacy Item Drops
  • New Armor / Gear
  • Mini Pets
    D’aww, did you see the baby Tauntaun?
  • Warzone Rankings
    Looks like really detailed warzone statistics, including who’s the baddest of asses.
  • New “RP” Emotes
  • New Corellia Daily Missions

Release Date

Patch 1.2 will be out in April 2012 according to the news released today at the Austin Guild Summit!


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