Star Wars The Old Republic (SWTOR) Running Slow?

The Game Booster Interface

Please see my other post if you’re looking for a solution without using a third-party application

If you’re having performance issues with SWTOR, have you tried running Game Booster by IObit?

I’ve had great experiences with this application in the past increasing my Frames Per Second (FPS). Just trying to help people out – I am not getting paid for this endorsement. Please note that this application wants to install more software + stealthily installs a browser toolbar.

It’s basically a freeware application that runs in the background, once you click the “Start Boost” or “Gaming Mode” button it automatically disables any unnecessary services and any other applications that you don’t need to have running while you’re playing. Exactly what it disables is all customizable by you in the application interface.

Once you’re done playing, just click the restore button or “switch to normal mode” and you’re back to where you were before you boosted your system.

As a side note: Some people are reporting FPS issues within Warzones, I don’t know if this app will help with that or not, it might be a software issue with SWTOR itself.

This application is freeware, try it and if you don’t like it uninstall it.

Just trying to lend a helping hand! :)

Please be aware (if you decide to install this app) that the second window in the setup/installer pops up with a question if you wish to install more software from IObit (My wife is a notorious next-next-next speed clicker) as you might not be interested in a new defragger or malware fighter at this particular time.

Also, I noticed that IObit installs a browser toolbar – Once you’ve installed Game Booster, you can remove it via Add/remove programs in the Control Panel, the toolbar is called something like “IObit Browser Toolbar”. This used to not be the case with this application, IObit – I am disapoint! ಠ_ಠ