Jedi Knight Doomsday Quest Solution and Bug

Viewers have commented on my YouTube video below that the Jedi Knight quest “Doomsday” ancient chest bug has been fixed since this was written back on January 9th, 2012. So that’s good. If you’re looking for how to solve the quest the solution is located down below the videos under the “Solving the Doomsday Puzzle” heading.

Please note: This post has spoilers to the Doomsday Quest (Jedi Knight class quest line) in Star Wars: The Old Republic.

So there I was, minding my business, solving this puzzle when all of a sudden a wild graphics glitch appeared. For the record, the machine I was on had an ATI card in it. It was like the lasers / glyphs were completely random (please see the video below). In order to solve the puzzle, I had to log out and log back in on another of my machines with an Nvidia card. The “lasers” were still bugging and jumping around a bit, but I could at least make out the shapes of the puzzle.

Here’s a better video I took more recently when my wife, Azsahle, did her Doomsday quest:

After I went to each post in that room and solved the puzzle, there was a lot of shaking and rumbling going on, and music played, but I didn’t understand why. Expecting some epic boss to spawn or something, I was looking around the room for something to have appeared and found a strange-looking chest I didn’t notice before.

Solving the Doomsday Puzzle

In order to solve the puzzle you have to make the shape of an imperial insignia on the floor, change all the shapes to the squarish looking shapes (some people can even call it a trapezoid shape) and the floor will turn into an imperial insignia. The symbol you need to set on every pillar looks like this: Link to awesome mspaint modded gamescreenshot since my lazors are bugging out. Later edit: Basically, if you divide the imperial insignia up into quarters, imagine how the symbol would look like.

A screenshot of a chest in the Doomsday Quest Line

Chest within a chest

I tried opening what looked like a chest inside a bigger chest, now I had to click the chest that was clipping out of the larger chest to attempt to open it.

After trying to open it, I got the usual “Opening…” action bar in the bottom-middle of the screen.

Once the bar filled all the way up 100% nothing happened, and of course like any other sensible human, I clicked that chest with all the might my mouse had to give it, but it wouldn’t open no matter what angle or clicking combo I used.

I have no clue what was in that chest but I’m curious.

Did anyone out there successfully get this chest open? If so, how did you do it?

Opening the Ancient Chest

In order to get the chest open, you need to solve the laser glyph symbol puzzle (the solution is above) but here’s the warning: Once you’ve solved it, you will have to run all the way out of the instance (where you initially landed your ship, not the Emperors dropship — I mean your own Jedi Defender ship) and Reset the phase. This will make all the mobs/NPCs respawn but rumor has it that once you’ve cleared your way back to the ancient chest you’ll be able to open it. I am sure that this was of course not intended to be this way, but somehow made it past the beta testing. If you try this, please send me a comment and let me know if this worked!

Some are saying that the solution above is the only way you can open the chest for the bug, and some are saying they are not successful in opening the chest even though they tried it, please let me know if it works for you.

I’ve had multiple comments on my YouTube videos that the Warzone trick (enter a War Zone while in the instance and then when you’re done you’ll spawn back in and you will be able to open the chest) does work. If all else fails, please try it!

What did the mysterious chest contain?
The “Ancient Chest” has gear for T7, according to the comment Lehnert made on my YouTube video. More specifically, it contains 5 pieces of gear for T7, Item Level 102 – Thanks Katari!

Please leave me a comment, the internetz must know!

  • Kboy

    I also have an ATi card and after much searching found this site and I have the same errors, I can neither make out the erratic jumping lasers on the ground and on the wall pieces themselves. I also cannot open the chest afterwards once I have completed the puzzle.


    • The only suggestion i have is to report it as a bug via the customer service interface, the Doomsday quest was just depressing with all the bugs.

      I haven’t found any workarounds or fixes yet, but I guess if enough people bug report it it might get fixed for future Jedi Knights.

    • Acewindicu commented on my YouTube video and said:

      “get the chest out, then enter a wz
      when you get back it will be accessible”

      I can’t try this fix out, and I’m sure you probably already finished the quest by now… But for anyone else, this might be a workaround.
      Shame it has to come to that just to open a treasure chest though :/

  • Katari

    What the heck is “a wz”???

  • Katari

    After much mental concentration, I figured it to be “a War Zone” … so I tried it. That did not work for me. I then tried logging out … no go. /cry

  • Katari

    Well, figured out the Warzone trick will indeed work, but only if the WZ lasts long enough that your Jedi Knight Quest instance resets itself. Likewise, if you just go back to the beginning of the instance, leave and reset it manually, then you can re-enter (requires clearing the mobs again) the chest will now be lootable.

    It provided 5 T7 items at 102 item level.

    • Thanks for the info Katari! I recently tried the quest on a friend’s Jedi knight and she had the same problem as I did, we tried the warzone work around but it didn’t work (probably because the instance didn’t reset/repopulate)

    • I just found out too, that once you’ve solved the puzzle, you can reset the phase from your character portrait and go back inside the instance to the chest and open it.
      You’ll have to fight all the mobs/NPCs again to get back in, but you’ll be able to open the chest that way without going into any warzones.

  • Coragane

    i cleared the puzzle and i Had to leave the zone and come back to open it it contained a blaster and some parts used for T7-01 though i already made my own using cybertech which were better

  • Matriach

    Probably due to a newer patch, but I had no truble with opening the chest.

    • Thanks for the update! :D

  • Will

    it’s actually kind of cheap, but every time you leave and reset the instance, you can loot the chest again. Twice is enough for T7 to get geared up well. Anything else is too much work for the reward, I’d imagine.

  • Deli Man, of The Order

    As of SWTOR rev 2.0 release this Quest is no longer bugged. So, you don’t need to zone to complete it. After the earthquake rumbles, you can loot the chest to obtain a Sensor for T-7 with 48 level green components.

    • I appreciate the update :)

  • Paree

    They’ve changed this. there’s no more puzzle. When you go up the stairs to see the emperor there’s a broken droid you can loot his parts. boo