Welcome to Begeren Colony Server Transferees!

BioWare launched the Star Wars the Old Republic server transfers yesterday June 12th, 2012 and Begeren Colony is set as a destination server, so now our quaint little Begeren Colony Server has brutally increased in player count! On behalf of the players originally from Begeren Colony, I wish you players from Lord Ieldis and Vrook Lamar the warmest of welcomes!

YAY new people!

Twi'lek Smuggler Selfie in SWTOR

Tails – Keepin’ it Ryl with a Twi’lek Selfie

Yesterday when I went online I saw 60 people on the fleet (!), and that was just the first day of the server transfers! I did a /who search for people level 50 and it said Showing the First 100 Results. Can you believe that? There were 100+ 50s on… At the same time!

So, let me tell you about Begeren Colony – We’re an awesome server with awesome people, at least that’s what I think. But who wouldn’t say that about their own server? The PvP is great, the badasses are (in my oppinion) the guilds Exiles and Grim Determination. Now, we don’t let PvP get too serious (except for that one late night I kind of went nuts over a glitching player, but we hugged it out) because we’re in it to have fun. Tails’ biggest fans are Wrecks and Krronn – For some reason it seems like they drop everything to give Tails 100% of their attention. A swift dirty kick is the medicine they order on a regular basis, 10 times a night. So if you happen to be a Twi’lek sawbones, with white goggles and a fiery orange jumpsuit, you’re going to have a bad time.

Who are the well established guilds on Begeren Colony?

Well, I have to be honest with you, I’ve played nonstop since December, but I’m not much of a PvE’er. But if you’re looking for serious PvP join up with Exiles (for republic characters) or Grim Determination (for imperial characters). For RP, I recommend Wardens of Providence, because my RP obsessed friend Vicenzo and his friends are in that guild. The guild I am in is pretty much just reserved for the wife and I.

All my characters and I hope you like it here… Yeah, that’s where this blog post went cheesy. Oh well, it’s an RP server–DON’T YOU JUDGE ME. If you see Tails (or any other person from the Ostaho Legacy) around give him a /wave.

WOOHOO, It’s like SWTOR is an MMO again!