My goals for returning to Azeroth

It’s been 540 days today since I last played World of Warcraft. I figured that I should probably write some interesting goals I hope to do once I return to Azeroth.

First of all, I think that I’m going to start writing World of Warcraft AddOns. I know, at the beginning of 2014, I thought that I was going to learn how to make a video game. Well, I sort of have that on the back-burner for now because my creativity meter is being hurt by my depression and anxieties. Ugh.

So, a World of Warcraft AddOn? Okay?

Yeah. I found myself worrying about whether my favorite World of Warcraft AddOns were still being updated or not. I really love a particular role-playing aid called ‘Tongues’. I use ‘Tongues’ so much on my Worgen Rogue, Vivicah, she speaks with a made up mix of roguish sounding British English. A true Englishman would probably cringe at my “pig-english” but it’s all good and fun.

What Tongues does is it replaces certain words with words that you define in a LUA script. So if I say sausage, the AddOn replaces it with banger. If I write get talking or get going, the AddOn will convert what I said to Get gabbin’ or get going.

Goblin Engineer

“Goblin Engineer” by drmorg on DeviantART

It sounds ridiculous trying to explain it, but it makes for one interesting RP character. The Worgen I play call all Gnomes Cupcakes. It’s become a bit of her catchphrase actually. Guild leader becomes Guv’. Tongues allows me to role-play an accent almost effortlessly. You can even tell the AddOn if your character has a lisp or not, replacing all the S-sounding words with TH-sounding words. Tho your characterth will thpeak like thith. It might be a bit more detailed than that. I’m just really worried that there are no updates for that lovely plugin, as you can tell it is a small percentage of World of Warcraft players who role-play, even fewer that use role-play AddOns and even fewer that write role-playing AddOns for World of Warcraft. So maybe you see why I am concerned here? What I would like to be able to, is make these AddOns, mods or plug-ins for World of Warcraft myself. It requires knowledge of LUA scripting as well as XML and other stuff. I’m sure there’s plenty of documentation around on how to get going in this field? I haven’t even begun to check YouTube yet, but I found a huge resource on Google for it.

I’ve always loved World of Warcraft AddOns, and I want to be independent from other people making cool AddOns and make them myself. Not for fame and fortune, but because I genuinely want to use them for myself.

A nice brand spanking new mount

Secondly, I would like to splurge and by myself a nice mount. I really like that chameleon fae dragon thingie, but I like that Iron Horde twin-headed dragon with the rocket engines strapped on too. It’s called an Iron Skyreaver and my Death Knight Krevyk would look so badass on a twin-headed dragon with motherfooping rocket engines strapped on! ROCKET ENGINES! On a DRAGON with TWO HEADS! SKYREAVING ALL OVER THE PLACE! AGRGRGGHHHH!

Get my two favorite characters up to par

Thirdly, is that even a word? Anyways, I would love to get my rogue Vivicah from level 88 to 90 and Milix my priestess to level 100. Well, that’s a given isn’t it? I mean eventually I would like all my characters to be level 100? I guess I’m running out of goals, or maybe I’m just brain-dead because today is Monday and I’ve been to bed between starting to write this post and continuing it now, and you didn’t even notice did you? The magic of writing.

Priest in World of Warcraft

I don’t really have anything negative to say about the instant level 90 character boost. I enjoy grinding and unlocking skills from level to level and learning how to use them progressively. I made the mistake on my Goblin Rogue to get an instant level boost to level 80 back in Cataclysm on a class that I never played past level 30. I really had no idea how to play Rogue and all of a sudden I had 30 spells at my disposal that I had no clue how to use. Ugh.

If you want to boost yourself to level 90, that’s your decision. If you have the money for it go for it. I don’t care. I like grinding, it’s part of World of Warcraft and that’s why I want to keep playing.

Making some moolah

So this will be the fourth thing to do. Playing the Auction House more. I’ve always loved World of Warcraft Gold. It’s addicting to gain and have all these riches available to spend on whatever you want. I use The Undermine Journal religiously and I found some really interesting farming and gold making tips on as well as a few Gold Making AddOns that I want to try. Of course these AddOns are not any hacks or any bad nasty things that blizzard will ban you for, they are just AddOns that ask you what you want to farm, show you where it drops and how much gold you’re making per minute.

A Bank Vault in World of Warcraft

I’m in a good geographical position for sniping some auctions from tired Americans going to bed now that I’m here in Europe. Mwaha… While I’ll probably be sleeping while they are doing all the fun RP events and whatnot, I’ll be there to catch all of their cheap auctions.

That’s one way of turning a negative into a positive thing, right?

To wrap things up

So, basically those are my goals:

  • Addon coding.
  • Nice mount for Ooos and Aaas.
  • Vivicah to level 90.
  • Milix to level 100.
  • Make tons of gold. Mmm, gold.

Yeah, I think I can handle that. Sounds fun. I’m pumped!

Picture Credits

Thanks to:
…for the nice picture of Booty Bay.
…for the awesome screenshot of the bank vault in What I believe is Dalaran?
…for the awesome Goblin Engineer art!

  • The idea of being able to write your own addons is pretty amazing, I wouldn’t have a clue where to start but I really couldn’t or rather wouldn’t want to play the game without some of my addons – they make the game a little more convieniet and handy so to be able to make one that does exactly what you want would be very cool.

    I’m hearing you on the gold – I spent way way too much gold on pets in the last few months, must hit the auction house and try to get some of it back!

    Have fun when you head back into wow, sounds like you have a good list to keep busy with :)