Read “Planning My Legacy” by Psynister

I stumbled across this excellent post by Psynister via Twitter and it’s one of the most well put posts I’ve seen about the new Legacy Patch for Star Wars the Old RepublicHis post highlights the species unlocks and the class feature unlocks, and it’s an excellent overall read from another fellow altoholic. You can find it at

I have to say as an avid Twi’lek fan, I almost dropped my jaw at the first line sentence:

Twi’lek: I’m not gonna lie, I hate this species. If I could wrap my little head tentacles around my neck or something so that they didn’t swing around like I have two giant gummy worms on my head all the time then it might be different. Since I have no choice but to deal with stupid looking head thingies, I don’t need this race. I do really like the look of them when they’re standing still, but the second the gummy worms start to move it just looks bad. Animations have them move around like clothing (nearly weightless) and it just looks completely off to me.

But I totally have to agree about the Lekku floating after your character like they carry next to no substance, that was one of my tickets in the Beta in fact, my request was to had some more “fleshiness” to the consistency of the Lekku (or Twi’lek Headtails) something with some more weight. Heck, even gummyworms would have a better consistency than the current “next to silk” flowing.

I asked my wife about the way the lekku was moving and she said she liked it the way it was, she explained that it made it feel more fluid. I can’t say I agree, bring on the heavier consistency.

Recap of Species:
Looking at what I just said there, we end up with the following results

Definitely: Cyborg
Probably: Chiss, Rattataki
Maybe: Sith Pure Blood
Not Interested: Miraluka, Mirialan, Twi’lek

As I play primarily Republic (with about 3 imperial alts vs 5 republic alts) I’d say my list of species unlocks would be:

Definitely: Sith, Chiss
Already Unlocked: Twi’lek, Zabrak
Not Interested:
Miraluka, Mirialan, Cyborg

I really want a Sith Zabrak who is not red and have Darth maul tattoos all over their face. Zoryal is actually really good looking and having her (well, someone that looks like her) on the Empire side would be interesting.

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  • Heheh, I knew there would be some twi’fans out there that would disagree. ;)

    I don’t have any problem with the race in general, I just hate the balloonish gummy worms. /shudder

    Thank you for the review and sharing your thoughts in your own post, I appreciate that and always enjoy getting to see other people’s opinions on a subject I care about.

    We’re actually opposites on the Zabrak as well. I hate the extremely limited options we have as Republic being basically exactly the same as a human but with horns. I’d love to get my hands on the red versions for when/if I ever roll another one. My highest level character right now is a Republic Zabrak so I won’t have to worry about unlocking them for long.

    • Hello Psynister, sorry for the late reply. I read it the moment you submitted it and I’ve been so busy playing SWTOR that I just didn’t get time to reply :)

      I agree completely with the way the lekku physics work, and “balloonish gummy worms” is the best way I’ve seen the current physics in use described. To fix the Twi’lek species first and foremost they should add Twi’lek hoods and helmets that don’t hide or make them clip through, they should make them just like they had them back in Star Wars Galaxies, but free flowing rag-doll (do we still use that term in gaming? that feels so 90’s) physics.

      And indeed, we are straight the opposite on Zabraks, would be great if we could pick the human-like skin tones but have the Empire side facial tattoos!

      I’ve added your blog to my blogroll and my reader so I’ll never forget to check out your latest posts :)

      Hope you’re doing awesome!