The Old Republic Noob FAQ

I’ve summarized a list of Frequently Asked Questions that I find occasionally in General Chat, and some of these questions are things I wish I knew when I started out playing Star Wars the Old Republic (SWTOR).

Class Questions

When do I get my ship?

You get your space ship around level 15, it’s all based on your class quest story progression. Some players get it later and some players get it sooner, once you’re done with the second planet you arrive on in your quest line you will be given your own ship.

Where do I go to reset my skills?

You can reset your skills on your faction’s Space Station, the Republic Fleet or Imperial Fleet. If you’re a Republic player, look for Leuro-Khian. He is a Rodian in the bottom left part of the space station the “Combat Training” section. About 7 o’ clock, if you visualize the space station as a clock.
If you’re an Imperial player, look for Assistant Kunoa, a Duros in the “Combat Training Section” (Co-Ordinates 4773, 4520) about 1 o’ clock if you visualize the space station as a clock.

How do I pick my Advanced Class?

You pick your advanced class once you’re finished with your class quest on the first planet you arrive on. Once you leave that planet and head for either the Republic Fleet or Imperial Fleet, look for an NPC (that’s fancy MMO talk for a computer controlled character) that wants to offer you a quest as soon as you arrive and go down the first elevator from the hangar/dock you arrived in. He will tell you that you are good enough to specialize in training, or something of that sort and direct you to another NPC that will show you the ropes of the advanced classes.

General Questions

Where is the “Auction House” or Galactic Trade Network?

The Galactic Trade Network (or what players from other games might refer to as “The Auction House” is located on your faction’s Fleet Space Station and also on your faction’s capitol planet: “Coruscant” for the Republic and “Dromund Kaas” for the Empire. You can find a neutral trade network, where both sides can put up items for sale, in Nar Shaddaa. The Nar Shaddaa trade network does not list auctions players put up on their own faction’s trade networks only auctions listed on Nar Shaddaa will be visible to the players browsing the Nar Shaddaa Trade Network.

I’m stuck on some object or trapped in a hole!

Just type /stuck in the chat box and it will move you to a nearby location.

How do I remove the User Interface or clear my screen so I can take a screen shot without clutter?

Hold ALT and press the Z key

My buttons are acting weird or appear to be frozen, what do I do?

Hold CTRL and press U, this will remove the User Interface (UI), Hold CTRL and press U again to reload the UI

Player vs Player (PvP) Combat Questions

Where do I join “Warzones” or “Battlegrounds” ?

You can queue up for PvP in instances from anywhere by right clicking the faction insignia to the bottom right of the mini map or radar, press “Queue Solo” if you want to join just yourself or “Queue Group” if you’re part of a party that wants to PvP.

What are MVP votes used for?

MVP (Most Valuable Player) voting is called for at the end of each warzone match, they boost the rewards (warzone badges) for the player. The amount of votes a player can receive is limited only to how many team mates the player had. You can not vote for yourself as an MVP. Always use your MVP vote as it is a free boost gain for players of your faction to get better geared for PvP. You don’t always have to vote for the highest healer / best DPS / biggest badass you can find, you should consider the newbies as possible MVPs as they need help to get better, this will in the long run help both you and your faction out considerably.

If you have any other questions please post it in the comments and I will do my best to answer it and put it on this page.